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Podcast 53: Psoriasis Unmasked - My Story

Hello and Welcome to Psoriasis Unmasked, a 5-Part series on everything you need to know to effectively target and manage psoriasis, scalp psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

In this series, I will break down what is psoriasis, why and how it happens and most importantly what you need to do to reduce the intensity and potentially reducing the frequency and intensity of future flare-up.

The reason for this series is quite simple, World Psoriasis Day is October 29th and I don’t believe there are enough people talking about a disease that is so common amongst the community and honestly doesn’t create the interest and awareness in the media as other illnesses do. Psoriasis is more than a skin disease, it is a systemic disease.

I’m here to tell you that YOU can make these changes and see a positive difference in your health. I did. I was covered with Erythrodermic psoriasis by the age of 16 years and I struggled to find the answers I believe helped me effectively manage this disease. I’m not cured, but I have effectively managed it to live a life free from the pain of having psoriasis.


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