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3 Ways to Rejuvenate Mature & Sun-Damaged Skin.

Despite the person's age, wrinkles and sagging seem to be a hot topic of conversation in my clinic almost on a daily basis. Ageing is a natural physiological process that we can not STOP, but we most definitely can slow it down.

There are many factors that accelerate ageing in the skin with some taking effect faster than others. The sun is a common accelerator, but the truth is our health (or the lack of) can have a very distinct impact to our body's ageing process. 

Additionally, the food we eat and lifestyle we live will speed up or slow down the ageing process. I have devised this list for you to use as a guide to help make the right choices and also help you compensate if there is illness and medications that are out of your control.

Speed Up Ageing

Slow Ageing Down
Illness – especially long term illness


Medications Meditation
Lifestyle: Exercise
Alcohol Early Nights
Stress Management of Stress and Life’s Expectation
Late Nights Earthing
Recreational Drugs Enjoy Self Help books Daily
Excessive Sun Exposure Diet:
Diet: Anti-oxidant Rich Foods
Sugar Foods High in Omega Fats, Vitamin C, Zinc
Refined Carbohydrates Camel Milk due to its anti-inflammatory effects
Trans Fats – usually from take away stores Whole foods
Inflammatory Food Avoid Using the Microwave Oven
Missing Meals Choose Organic
Processed Foods Grow Anything You Can in Your Garden

There are certainly items in the Speed up Ageing list that will either be enjoyed from time to time or happen from time to time. An occasional drink of alcohol or enjoying the sun on a beautiful day when you have experienced months of cold weather is not a big deal. With anything in life, it is all about moderation and really focusing on doing the right thing 80% of the time and enjoying the 'guilty pleasures' around 20% of the time.

3 Ways to Slow Down Ageing

1. Nutrition

The food we eat has a direct impact to our health. The nutrients in our food will be broken down and enter our bloodstream via the small intestine. As a result, all these nutrients travel all around our body. The skin has the epidermis (superficial layers) and dermis, which is where the blood vessels are situated and it is these nutrients that direct effect the health of the cells in the epidermis. As the cells migrate up to the surface of the skin, you will notice how in fact the food you eat can show its effects on the skin. 

2. Address any health concerns.
Our health will impact the ageing process in our entire body. When our body is in a dis-eased state of health, there is often inflammation and stress that circulates and can affect a multitude of healthy organ functioning. Over a period of time, the skin will start to show this especially when medications start altering the natural physiological state of the body. Now, I'm not telling you to stop any medicines, if you are feeling like this resembles your situation, but rather telling you it is more important to embrace lifestyle and nutritional tips that help the health of the skin as well as your overall wellbeing. 

Needing Guidance?

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and other times we just don't know when to start. Keeping things simple is always a great way to navigate through making changes. Feeling you must attain perfection over night will only lead to more stress and anxiety, which will then only lead you back to old habits.

Organic Herbal Teas:

A great way to make some very easy and small changes is to switch up your evening beverage. A great one after dinner is the Digest and Detox Tea. The Digest and Detox Tea is focused on helping the body with its natural process of eliminating toxins and encouraging a healthier digestive system. This means, the food you eat will be properly broken down and absorbed.


In Clinic:

We offer one on one consultations to tailor a treatment specific for your needs. Whether it be for skin health or anti-ageing we have a treatment ready for you.

In 2019 we will be incorporating various tools in our Collagen Induction Therapy and our Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment which include micro-current tools and LED light therapy.

These treatments are fantastic for ageing/mature skin, acne prone skin, sensitive skin and eczema and psoriasis.

Read more on this form of treatment here.

3. Topical Care with Nutrient Specific Skincare.

Salubre is focused on restoring the integrity of the Skin Barrier. When it comes to rejuvenating the skin, this should be the focus of whatever topical products you choose to put on your skin. It can be very tempting to strip away the dead surface skin but unfortunately this also strips away all the natural oils and nutrients your skin needs to be healthy. Exfoliating your skin is a must, however be mindful to do this is a gentle, nurturing manner to help the skin in its natural healing process.

Salubre has a specialised range for the rejuvenation of mature & sun damaged skin. Read more about the benefits you will see with the Pearl Brilliance range by watching this very quick video.


For more information, call us on 03 9888 4129.

About the Author

Dr. Prantalos (Chinese Medicine) has dedicated her life to skin health after suffering from debilitating psoriasis for most of her childhood and young adult life. She helps hundreds of people to manage their skin issues at her practice and skin clinic in Surrey Hills, Victoria and online at